On-Location – From Home

On-Location – From Home

Clark Virtual Control Room in the Cloud

REMI – Remote Production



In order that our clients and talent can safely remain at home and still participate in high quality video production, we have developed the Home Studio Kit for contact-less remote field production. Using a cell phone as the encoding transmitter, we can combine cellular and WiFi data to transmit the best possible signal back to our virtual control room.

Along with advanced audio capture with a professional grade lavaliere, the on-camera ring light, and iPad for near real time streaming return video, you will be able to experience the show almost as if you were in the studio and feel confident you aren’t missing anything.

The engineers at Clark Media have defined the Virtual Control Room to remotely deliver high quality video production from our facility in Pennsylvania to any URL video player and most streaming platforms. We have the ability to generate and capture a variety of live streams over public IP with limited latency to a professional remote studio either at Clark headquarters or your base location.

With this technology, Clark is able to provide equipment as small as a cell phone or more traditional broadcast equipment to capture your event or meeting live or live to tape. These recordings can then be uploaded to our secure cloud server where you then have the ability to download your files for archival or editing purposes.

Complete Control Room and Streaming services include - Pre-production planning and support, broadcast and modular equipment (video, audio, lighting, graphics, playback), a live streaming platform, and full project team management.


We also offer the REMI Flypack (Remote Integration Model) for events requiring multiple cameras, an isolated footprint, and the highest quality images to be switched at any broadcast facility, including at Clark Media. Most venues are equipped with broadband connections to use public internet to stream video/audio feeds. Streaming video over an IP network has also shown to have low latency and be a viable solution for live broadcasts.

From our facility, we can also send multiple feeds to various destinations such as social media platforms or web players that can be embedded to your website, or other video conferencing solutions. We can transmit that signal back to our studio to switch, or other CDN location, virtually bringing the talent and the crew together to produce professional content.

Be sure to check out the Clark mobile truck at clark4k.com to explore our mobile streaming options.


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