Sound Reinforcement

A small 20 person meeting or a 2,000 person assembly can be handled with Clark Media's sound reinforcement inventory. The majority of our PA can be flown in cluster formation to cover a very wide audience and all of our PA can be used as ground support in facilities without rigging points. 


Stage Accompany Friend Series

The Stage Accompany F-7 with dual 6 inch drivers and the F-9 with dual 8 inch drivers is perfect for small to medium events where discretion matters these passive 8 ohm speakers perfectly replicate the spoken voice.

SAF Champ

Stage Accompany Champ Series

The C-24 12 inch and C-27 15 inch speakers both have ribbon nedymium high frequency drivers with unrivaled sound quality and combined with the B-15 single 12 inch low frequency driver or the B-30 dial 12 inch low frequency driver, makes for a very well balanced system. 

stage amp

Stage Accompany Amplifiers

Our pre wired amplifer systems are all capable of doing 6 zones of PA. All input and output connections for the amplifiers are brought to a clearly labeled I/O panel in the form of XLR and Speakon NL4 for quick and easy setups.

Self Powered

Self Powered Speakers

The Mackie SRM350 is a self powered workhorse that is great for environments where external amplifiers are undesirable.