Intercom Systems, Digital Matrix

Communications are a key element to any production. Clark Media has intercom systems ranging in all sizes and functionality, including stand alone wireless. Simple 2 wire intercom systems can provide up to 2 channels of bidirectional communications and power over a single standard XLR mic cable. These systems commonly allow a Director to call camera shots and video roll ins, but also provide a second channel so that a private conversation such as, an Audio Engineer asking the Tape Operator if the levels are adequate, can be had with interrupting each other conversations. These systems are plug an play, are fast and easy to set up. Clarks Intercom Matrix Systems can work as multiple 2 Wire Systems and have the addition of Keypanel User Stations. These allow a user to talk directly to another person or a group of people with the press of a switch. Wireless communications are extremely versatile, they can be used on their own, with a 2 Wire System or an Intercom Matrix.



RTS 2 Wire Party Line Intercom System

These plug and play systems are very scalable, 2-30+ users can all communicate on up to 2 channels of intercom. Individual user stations do not require a power source as they draw their power directly from the same XLR mic cable that is sending and receiving audio communication. As with all of Clark's systems, we provide everything - base station, user belt packs, headsets and all cables needed to complete the setup.

RTS 6 channel

RTS 6 Channel 2 Wire Party Line System

Building on the standard 2 wire system we have the ability to go from 2 channels of communication to six. Users can have any two of the 6 channels assigned to them allowing for more specific communications between departments. Common usage has the Director calling cameras on channel 1 of everybody’s user station, but allows all of the audio crew to talk to each other on their channel 2, same goes for the lighting crew where they can hear the Director on their channel 1, and each other on their channel 2 separate from audio.

Zeus III

RTS ZeusIII 32 Port Matrix System

Intercom Matrix Systems are the most versatile systems available. The system includes 6 channels of 2 wire intercom and 2 built in phone hybrids. All other ports can used to add user Keypanels on standard Cat5 network cable, feed stage announce or IFB and even interface directly with audio mixers and wireless intercom systems over standard XLR cable

Adam 6

RTS ADAM CS 64 Port Matrix System

This system includes 12 channels of 2 wire intercom and 6 built in phone hybrids. All other ports can used to add user Keypanels on standard Cat5 network cable, feed stage announce or IFB and even interface directly with audio mixers and wireless intercom systems over standard XLR cable.


HME DX200/210 Wireless Intercom Systems

The HME DX series wireless intercom do not interfere with standard UHF wireless microphones because they operate in the 2.4GHz wireless range and because they are frequency hopping it makes outside interference affects near to none. These systems are able to work simultaneously with Spectrum Friendly Wireless DMX Lighting systems and have the ability to be registered with up to 15 wireless belt packs at the same time with up to 4 being full duplex at any given time. The DX200 allows for single channel communication with a 2 Wire Party Line System or Matrix System and also has an ISO channel which only talks to other wireless beltpacks and can key a relay for stage announce. The DX210 shares all the same features with the addition of a 2nd communication channel to a 2 Wire Party Line system or Intercom Matrix System.


Telex BTR-800 Wireless Intercom Systems

The Telex BTR-800 system is a widely recognized industry standard. Up to 4 users can communicate on dual talk/listen channels simultaneously in full duplex. WTA or Wireless Talk Around allows wireless users to talk to each other without interrupting users conversations on 2 Wire PL or Intercom Matrix System and have dedicated SA or Stage Announce keys as well which are able to close a relay while simultaneously sending discreet audio to a stage announce or mixing console. 


Wired and Wireless IFB

IFB or Interruptible Fold Back is essential to on air talent. Whether the client needs the simplicity and stability of a hard wired RTS IFB or the freedom of a Lectrosonics wireless IFB, both are compatible with a number of Keying systems such as RTS 2 Wire, RTS Intercom Matrix System and Studio Technologies IFB Plus System. If discretion is the most important factor of the show our Phonak Invisity ear pieces are the right choice. These IFB receivers are the smallest available and completely disappear inside the talents ear with no cables, tubes or belt packs required.