HD Graphic Systems

Clark Media has the ancillary graphics equipment to round out your broadcast. Add extra elements like lower thirds, audience participation through social media or live interaction via the web.



Enhance viewer engagement through a more interactive entertainment and information experience, and instantly create an online community and buzz around your broadcast - with SHOUT. SHOUT is a software solution that lets broadcasters quickly air social media conversations, including those from Twitter®, Facebook®, Instagram® and RSS feeds, using any ChyronHego Lyric-based graphics system.  


Chyron Mosaic

Mosaic® is a tightly integrated turnkey platform that scales to fit your graphics production, technical requirements and budget. An ideal solution for today’s most demanding traditional or automated production workflows, Mosaic operates in combination with ChyronHego’s iSQ multi-playlist controller or a third-party automation playout interface.

Mosaic® is adaptable to your operation. It fits easily within your existing graphics workflow either as a stand-alone character generator for live operation or as a primary graphics engine when integrated with CAMIO, ChyronHego’s graphics asset management workflow solution.

Ideal for live news, sports and OB productions, Mosaic is designed for maximum flexibility and is available in a standard single-channel configuration with optional dual-channel.

Built on an all-new Intel® and NVIDIA® architecture, Mosaic features an SDI I/O card that supports standards up to 1080p, static scalars, DVEs, video mixers, and available support for discrete/embedded audio. Additional support is available for 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios and its media codec supports a variety of native clip formats such as QuickTime®Animation, MPEG2 I-Frame and Apple®ProRes. A compact SD to 1080p 2 RU design, single or dual channel, SSD storage, and redundant power supplies, Mosaic is the perfect solution when rugged design and space conservation are essential.


Chyron MicroX

The MicroX is a single-channel character generator with high-end features far beyond comparable, entry-level systems. MicroX systems are especially suited to automation environments which require text and graphics playout without clips. Attractively priced, the MicroX can be tailored to facility needs, with premium Lyric optional upgrades. MicroX’s supreme flexibility supports the import and export of numerous standard file types, and automatic aspect ratio conversion.


Chyron HyperX3

Chyron HyperX3 Two-Channel HD/SD Graphics System is a turnkey graphics solution combining the award-winning Lyric PRO 3D creation and playback softwares with graphics processing that delivers unmatched performance for the most demanding live studio or remote broadcast operation. The heart of the HyperX³ is a high-speed, multi-core, dual-processor graphics engine that can simultaneously manipulate dozens of 3D layers of text, logos, textures and movie objects, all in real-time. The HyperX³ offers a seamless creation-to-playout workflow and is scalable with up to two software-switchable HD/SD channels. Each channel can integrate powerful options, including a clip player, 3D DVE, second video input and audio mixer.


Skype TalkBox

Bring your interactive meeting to the next level. Ask for the new Skype TX kit from Clark Media. Using Newtek TalkShow units we can confidently integrate Skype into your events. Put long-distance presenters on the big screen. Have Q&A sessions in the now. Clients provide the Skype account and wired broadband internet access on site.