Audio Over Network

Dante by Audinate has greatly increased flexibility and routing. Clark has implemented this in a number of ways allowing us to be faster in setup, able to handle more audio traffic and do it all with less gear. The Dante network begins with a computer running Dante Contoller software and a business grade 1Gb network switch like the Cisco SG300-20 that Clark Media uses. At this point any Dante enabled devices can be connected to the network, share and route a large number of channels of audio to each other all down Cat5e cable. Routing audio to a recorder is now a mouse click away instead of sifting through XLR's and DA's before making the patch.


Dante Network Switch-MY16-AUD

The Dante-MY16-AUD is great for Yamaha digital mixers that are not Dante native. This card is available for use in any Yamaha digital mixer with 1 or more Mini-YGDAI slots and allows for 16x16 Dante network communication and the ability to interface with Sound Devices PIX270i recorders and Focusrite Rednet converters.

Focus Rite

Focusrite RedNet Interfaces

The Focusrite RedNet series converts Dante to any flavor of audio and back again. The RedNet2 is capable of 16x16 balanced line level conversion and the RedNet D16 can do 16x16 AES conversion.