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Sony - The Basics of Camera Technology
By Sony Marketing Communication Group
In one comprehensive document, Sony presents “the Basics of Camera Technology.” The document covers terminology of all the camera technologies the Sony Product Information Department considers significant. For ease of reference the terms have been organized into groups: Optical Systems, CCD Mechanisms, Camera Functions, VTRs and Others.

S-Log White Paper – S-Log within Digital Intermediate Workflow Designed for Cinema Release
By Sony Business
This paper provides a thorough explanation of an S-Log and how a cinematographer in deciding exposure values to offer a smooth transition from film acquisition to digital acquisition.

Sony – The Inside Guide to HD Formats
By Sony
Full of useful information, this paper outlines the various HD formats as offered by Sony for all levels of video production.

Final Cut Pro and XDCam HD
Introducing XDCam optical discs, Apple produced this paper discussing workflows, footage acquisition and editing using Final Cut Pro.

HDCAM-SR Format Overview
This paper gives a brief explanation of the HDCAM-SR format including the core technologies involved.

Sony – The Basics of Monitor Technology
This document covers preparations before using the monitor, useful functions that the monitor must perform, and technical basics on the monitor such as the differences between CRT and LCD devices, broadcasting standards, signal standards and color reproduction standards.

24P Technical Seminar #1 - Sony HDCAM: Exposure Index – Issues of Camera Operational Sensitivity
By – Laurence J. Thorpe
The goal of this paper is to give the reader a general idea of the sensitivity of a 24p video camera while comparing it to the exposure indexes of 35mm film cameras.

24P Technical Seminar #2 - Sony HDCAM: Picture Sharpness – Issues of Image Resolution.
By – Laurence J. Thorpe
Comparing the sharpness of 35 mm film and 24p video cameras, this paper give a decent overview of how the different processes of each affect the final resolution and sharpness of the footage.

24P Technical Seminar #3 – Sony HDCAM: Exposure Latitude – Issues of Dynamic Range
By – Laurens J. Thorpe
This paper is another excellent comparison of 24P cameras and 35mm film cameras – this time from the Dynamic Range angle.

Sony F900 Equipment Check List
This is a comprehensive list of checkout procedures before shooting with a Sony F900 camcorder – a must have for any technician.

Courtesy of Sony-Shooting tips using various menu adjustments on Sony brand camcorders:

Shooting Tip #3: Tips for Improving Picture Sharpness without Coarsening an Image
Shooting Tip #4: Tips for Enriching Color Saturation in Dark Areas of an Image
Shooting Tip #5: Tips for Avoiding “Overexposure” of an Image’s Highlights
Shooting Tip #6: Tips for Reproducing Solid Picture Edges of an Images Highlights
Shooting Tip #7: Tips for Shooting without Coarsening Dark Areas of an Image