Clark Media

Clark Engineering

Since our inception in 1987, we realized that our commitment to innovation and the highest standards of engineering practices would set us apart from the competition. While other rental companies simply offer equipment for rent, Clark Media’s approach is to fully understand the technology and workflows and design systems that deliver reliable performance. We understand that our clients count on us to make sure everything works properly, and we don’t get a second chance. Clark Media was founded by an engineer and is engineering driven.

Clark’s System Approach

All of our systems are designed and built by our staff of video and audio engineers. We build systems to setup fast on location, and to have redundancy and flexibility for changing production needs. A perfect testament to our understanding of production requirements is our use of UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supplies for our technical equipment during live events. This equipment provides us with a source of clean power and allows us to stay on the air – should we lose power because of intermittent power outages. Even a power outage of a few seconds will become a major disaster during a live event or broadcast.